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Smoking Gun ? NO-- It's just a weed trimmer !

I've been sharing my small two stroke engine story since about 1976.

It pretty much starts in the 'Seventies' with my father's 9.9 HP Mercury outboard. I first got the motor in 1974 and guessing it was about 10 years old at that time. He always used 'Quicksilver' oil because that's what Mercury promoted. That outboard always was hard to start and could be used to chase off mosquitos with the smoke it put out.

When Dad let me start using the motor, I changed the gasket in the lower unit, new gear lube, replaced the fuel lines and spark plug. I heard about this new synthetic 2-Stroke oil that was to be used at 100:1 instead of 50:1 mix. I first used Amsoil 100:1 in my father's old 9.9 HP Mercury outboard and suddenly there was no more smoke. I noticed it running at a higher rpm (no tachometer, but could notice a difference).

That old motor was about as heavy as today's 35 HP outboards, but it always started with one pull. That motor went from the fresh water of Lake of the Ozarks, Pomme de Terre, and Tablerock Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean and abuses of salt water. For another 8 years that motor saw some extreme use. In 1982, the lower unit was shot and not practical to replace it. We tore into the engine because I wanted to actually see how the wear of the pistons were. Amazingly, the combustion chamber and cylinder looked as if there was plenty of life left in that motor. At this point, I wish we had documented it better, because it was truly a testament to the leaner mixture of synthetic oil in the gas.

Someplace in our old photographs there are likely pictures of that Mercury outboard on a Metzeler inflatable boat.

Here I'm reminded to tell my two stroke story because I see these lawn services working all over the place and smoking string trimmers and worn out expensive equipment. The last guy who I convinced to try Saber, contacted my after one tank and said it's the only oil he'll use in his two stroke equipment... one year later, he's bragging about getting more life from his equipment and no carbon clogged screens. So, it definitely is a better product than any other two stroke and at 100:1 it likely costs less too.

This is a funny video to make the point:

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