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AMSOIL has Acquired Aerospace Lubricants

July 1, 2024

AMSOIL has acquired Aerospace Lubricants, a grease manufacturer based in Columbus, Ohio. Aerospace designs and manufactures a broad and specialized array of greases for industrial manufacturing operations and private-label customers in automotive,

Aerospace Lubricants will operate as an independent subsidiary of AMSOIL. It will continue supplying its products and services to Aerospace customers and AMSOIL. This strategic acquisition will not only help ensure consistent grease quality and a consistent supply of AMSOIL grease moving forward, it will also help make AMSOIL a leader in the specialty grease market, making AMSOIL and the Dealer opportunity stronger. We will invest in Aerospace to improve the company’s capabilities and capacities to grow grease business for Aerospace and AMSOIL. (from Amsoil's press release July 1, 2024)

What this means for the Direct Performance team is that we will continue to be at the leading edge of lubricants and the technology in specialty grease applications. We are excited about the opportunities ahead as an industry leader. While Direct Performance will not directly market the Aerospace branded line of products, we will utilize their technology for the Amsoil specialty grease line.

For more information or to become a preferred customer, visit our website:

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