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Amsoil has been formulating and developing synthetic lubricants for extreme performance demands in many industries since their first API designation in 1972.  They continue to exceed performance tests both in the lab and on the track.  Regardless of your equipment and lubrication needs, Direct Performance is a unique part of the Amsoil dealership network.  You see, there are thousands of great Amsoil dealerships throughout the United States and Canada.  Direct Performance is unique for two specific reasons: 1) We've been involved with Amsoil since 1976, experiencing the advances made for over 50 years. 2) Our extensive inventory of New Old Stock auto parts provide access to engine components not readily available today.  These two aspects of the Direct Performance Group allow both Preferred Customers and Dealers within our network a chance to get sound advice and great values on Amsoil and NOS parts.

Direct Performance

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