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You Are Special? Become Preferred today.


I realize this is not new to many, but felt it's a good review with the big increase in new customers to Direct Performance.

To you, vehicles aren’t just a way to get from point A to point B. They’re part of who you are. They define you. We get it. We are not just engineers, chemists and manufacturers – we’re also wrenchers and drivers who are passionate about vehicle performance and protection.

Our time under the hood and behind the wheel helps us experience firsthand the toll power, speed and performance take on engines. It drives us to formulate AMSOIL synthetic lubricants to push the boundaries of performance.

We like to save money, but we refuse to compromise performance. Sound like you? A Preferred Customer membership provides the best of both worlds, the leading edge of lubrication technology coupled with exclusive savings and benefits.

My Preferred Customer membership used to offer points. What if I still have P.C. Points to use up? A: No problem. Your P.C. Points can still be applied to purchases until June 1, 2022.

What are the terms and conditions of the AMSOIL Preferred Customer Program? View full Preferred Customer Program terms and conditions here.

I want to receive Preferred Customer emails but would rather not receive other emails from AMSOIL. You're in complete control of the emails you receive from us. Set your email preferences by logging into your Preferred Customer account through and selecting Manage Subscriptions.

Where do I find my reward history? You can view your reward history and balance by logging into your Preferred Customer My Rewards page through

How do I save on AMSOIL products? Sign into your Preferred Customer account at whenever you place an order or order by phone. Preferred Customers save up to 25% on every order and savings are automatically applied at checkout.

How do I receive free shipping? Sign into your Preferred Customer account at when you place an order or order by phone. Free shipping will be automatically applied to orders over $100.


How long does it take to see my pending rewards after a purchase? Expect to see your pending rewards a few days after a qualifying purchase is made.

How do I earn $5 Back rewards? Simply order the products you need for the vehicles you love. Preferred Customers receive one $5 Back reward per $100 spent.

How do I get my $5 Birthday Gift? We will email a $5 Birthday Gift to you before your special day. To qualify, you must become a Preferred Customer and update your birthday month at least 14 days before your birthday month. Your birthdate can be updated through your My Rewards page or by phone. You don’t have to share your exact birthday with us, we’ll celebrate the entire month.

I have a spent $500. When do I receive my Free Membership renewal? You will receive a free-renewal notification by email the month after you reach the $500 threshold. Your membership-expiration date will be automatically extended by one year.

When do I start earning toward free-membership renewal? The $500 threshold is based on your membership term. Everything you purchase in your membership year will count toward free-membership renewal. Preferred Customer membership fees, taxes and shipping and handling do not count toward free membership renewal.

I have a five-year Preferred Customer membership. Can I earn free membership renewal? Five-year Preferred Customer memberships qualify for free membership renewal if $500 is spent in the final year of the membership term. Reaching the $500 threshold in your final year will qualify you for one-year membership renewal.

I have a six-month membership. Is it possible to qualify for free membership renewal? Yes. You qualify for free membership renewal if you spend $500 during the six-month trial-membership period.

How long does it take before rewards are available to spend after a qualifying purchase? Rewards are issued monthly.


How do I redeem my rewards online? That’s easy. Just enter the promo code at checkout. The promo code for each reward can be found in the reward-notification email or through your My Rewards page.

Can I use more than one reward at a time? Absolutely. You can use up to four $5 rewards per visit.

How long do I have to use the $5 Back and Birthday Gift rewards? $5 Back and Birthday Gift rewards expire after 90 days. Your My Rewards page will display the unique code and the expiration date to make tracking your rewards a cinch.

I have credit toward my next $5 Back reward, but it’s going to take another order before I get to the $100 threshold. How long do I have before the value of my previous purchases expires? If you maintain your Preferred Customer membership, you will never lose credit for your previous purchases.

If I return a product, will I lose credit toward my next $5 Back reward? The value of your returned item(s) will be deducted from your reward balance.

Can $5 Back rewards be used with other offers? Oftentimes, yes, but there are cases where it isn’t allowed. Check the terms and conditions for the specific offer you wish to pair your $5 Back reward with to know for sure.

Are there any limitations? Orders must exceed the value of the reward. The entire reward must be used in one transaction. Rewards may not be applied to ALTRUM products, previous purchases or shipping and handling.

What happens to my rewards if my Preferred Customer membership lapses? If your membership lapses, your My Rewards page, unused rewards, credit toward future rewards and unused promotional offers will automatically expire and be forfeited as of the termination date.

MY REWARDS DELIVERY - - - - - - - Become a Preferred Customer and Save - AMSOIL

How will I receive my rewards? Customers will be notified of rewards via email. Additionally, all rewards can be viewed anytime on your My Rewards page.

I deleted an email that contained a reward. Is there a way to recover the reward? Don’t worry! You can access your rewards through your My Rewards page. All rewards are listed with the unique code and expiration date so that they are easy to track and apply at purchase.

I have not received a reward for a purchase that should have qualified. When will I receive it? The $5 Back and Birthday Gift rewards are distributed monthly. The My Rewards page displays pending rewards that have not been issued. Pending rewards may not be used until they are issued.

Can I receive my rewards in the mail instead? Email is the only way to receive Preferred Customer rewards.

What if AMSOIL doesn't have my email? That’s an easy fix. Simply update your email address through your My Rewards page. Your email can be updated through the “Account Information” tab.

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