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Telling it like it is.

Starting a blog or simply a series of stories might seem like an easy task. This is especially the case when you have read a lot of bad ones or simply false information. With a lot of experience in many different areas, the hardest part has been where to start and how to stay on topic. But the fact that I’m late in the game on blogging or podcasting doesn’t mean I won’t catch up quickly once I get started.

Attention spans are getting shorter and most people appreciate getting to the point quickly in an article. One of my biggest gripes is when an article goes on and on without providing substance. This is especially true for the infomercial type of articles. My first focus will be to share experiences to learn from and short instructional topics. If they’re not helpful, there’s little purpose to read them and certainly no reason to read/listen in the future. The second challenge is to determine the right size for the article. Can it be done in one article or will it need to be in two parts or more?

I’ve decided to start with a series of articles about motorsports since this has been an early career and passion for me. As early as I can remember, I’ve had a connection to auto racing. My father’s cousin was the Pennzoil distributor for Southern Indiana. In the late 50’s we would attend the time trials for the Indy 500. My fondest recollection of these events was the ‘#12 Dean’s Van Lines’ special driven by Eddie Sachs in 1961. Twelve was my birthday and of course Dean was a favorite for me, so I got to meet Eddie and had a picture taken with him before the time trial race. Then when he qualified first, it was a great memory. In the big Indy 500, which we did not attend, Eddie came in second. These were exciting times for me as an 8 year old. So, this is how the story starts…. More posts to come soon!

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