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Sling some mud after some Offroading

I started as a joke that we'd be doing some serious off-roading and get the truck dirty. From my experience, it is more MUD equals more FUN. This event was with my remote control battery operated truck with a GoPro Hero camera mounted on the back. So keeping the mud off is a little easier. That's about all the off roading I can afford.

I can remember Lawrence Hubbman's 64 International Scout and seeing just how deep we could bury that chassis. Back in those days, you had to jump out of the vehicle and lock those front hubs. But if you were really having some fun, you'd get stuck and have to climb out the window because the doors wouldn't open because the mud was over the bottom of the doors. Then trying to get a cable/rope connected to a tree or something to work it out of the mud. Of course, we didn't have a winch and sometimes didn't have anyone else to pull us out.

Once we were on the mud flats along the Missouri River near Alton IL. The mud was so deep that we spent more time working on getting that scout out of the mud than we did riding in it. But, it still sticks in my mind after 50 years. Driving the scout back home and making a run through Steak and Shake with all that mud was like showing off the trophy.

I don't remember washing the scout, but certain that Lawrence does as he kept it in great shape.

Today's off road sport vehicles are built much differently. More parts are flexible plastic and the suspensions are made for the rough terrain and mud. That's where a great new product from Amsoil comes in, MUDSLINGER. Mudslinger is applied to the clean unit and when it comes time to clean the machine off, everything slides right off. In addition to sport off road equipment, it does a great job on lawn equipment too. Spraying the shield on your string trimmer will help keep the trimmer looking like new. Metal mower decks will likely get a much longer life if wet grass is not allowed to cake up and hole that moisture on the metal (even powder coated). So, try a can of Mudslinger to help keep your investments in great shape.

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