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June 13-17 Hot Rod Power Tour 2022

The route is confirmed and Hot Rods from around the country will make their way to Memphis for Day One. This year, we'll see a special group of "Long Haulers" that make the entire 5 day journey. The event is part 'cruise' and part 'show' with the average daily travel being around 250 miles each day. The show part starts in the afternoon and includes exhibits and special events. The following morning, the "Long Haulers" make their way from the previous day's location to the next stop on the tour. Usually, there are some new folks joining the group as they make their way to that day's events.

Photo by Hot Rod

The 2022 event is shaping up to be a great tour. Monday in Memphis, Tuesday in Nashville (Lebanon), Wednesday in Birmingham (Hoover), Thursday in Pensacola, and Friday in Atlanta. You'd think that the route would be just hop on the interstate and get there quickly. That's not the point and the route takes direct routes through many of the 'now-called' backroads. This makes for a true parade of Hot Rods in many small towns along the way. The route proves to be the longest cruise of classics and hot rods with many spectators along the way.

Join us as a "Long Hauler", at any of the 5 stops, or anywhere along the way.

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