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Got Summer Plans ?

Let’s take a 5 day journey to 5 car shows with 3,000 of your closest friends. 2022 Hot Rod Power Tour is shaping up to be a great time. As a “Long Hauler”, you’ll make each of the daily events and have a fun run from show to show. In addition to the actual events at the different venues, much of the fun happens on the routes from city to city. Each event starts in the afternoon, then overnight near that event and the next morning about 3,000 hot rods travel to that days event. Locals gather along the scheduled route to see all the classics, street rods, rat rods, low riders, customs, trucks and more driving by. While it’s not a race and drivers can take any route from city to city, many will take the proposed routes. The routes are scenic, especially when populated with so many special cars on the route.

Below I've included the link for registration. Here's a picture of our last Long Hauler Tour in 2019. We took the '48 on a long 7 Day--7 City Power Tour, a fun time.


KICKOFF: Monday, June 13 – Memphis International Raceway, Millington, Tennessee Day 2: Tuesday, June 14 – Nashville Superspeedway, Lebanon, Tennessee Day 3: Wednesday, June 15 – Hoover Met Complex, Hoover, Alabama Day 4: Thursday, June 16 – Pensacola Fairgrounds, Pensacola, Florida Day 5: Friday, June 17 – Atlanta Motor Speedway, Hampton, Georgia

Plan to join us on this 5 day event, we’ll save a parking place for you!

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