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A Look at How Synthetics are Made

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

How Motor Oil is Made in Superior WI

Sometimes the best learning is seeing it done with an expert description. Gale Banks from Banks Power took a trip to Superior Wisconsin for a personalized tour of the Amsoil production facility. The video is about 24 minutes long, but worthwhhile for any gearhead. This provided a great overview of the process of blending and batches of the top synthetic lubricant in the world. It’s a great tour with good insights: How synthetic motor oil is made | Banks Speed School Ep 1 - YouTube

Banks is well known in the high-performance diesel business. They are a 3rd generation family business that has proven their place on the racing circuit as well as all around diesel performance. While their ‘Speed School’ series educates on their company, this was worth sharing. You can visit Banks at their website: Banks Power | Shop Diesel and Gas Performance Products

Of course, they know the power of the best synthetic lubricants available today we hope you utilize Direct Performance and work with us for your personal and business needs. We hope you’ve found this educational and helpful. Visit us at: MAIN | DirectPerformance

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