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2022 HRPT is in the books - great adventure

With over 5000 stories of personal experiences from this year's Hot Rod Power Tour, we'll just say; "The HOTTEST trip of the year so far is now in the books".

We even had a chance to pose with a couple of celebrity cars along the way.

You can google HRPT2022 and find hundreds of posts for each of the 5 days of the event. Day 1 was Memphis (Liberty Bowl Park), Day 2 was Lebanon (Nashville Speedway), Day 3 was Hoover (outside Birmingham), Day 4 was Pensacola (Fairgrounds), and Day 5 was Hampton (Atlanta Super Speedway).

The greatest memories are from all the old acquaintances renewed along with the many new friends we met during the week. Between the potholes, bad gasoline, and hot temperatures, it was a challenge for many of the cars and trucks. We stopped to help several and got them back on the road when we could. Others who stopped by the Amsoil booth got a free Amsoil bandana. Linda got the idea that we could dip them into the cooler filled with ice water and help folks cool down. Later that night, one of the Facebook posts said that we might have saved a few lives by helping cool a few folks down.

Having product available was a convenience for some that were able to get it while we had it. We know that there were plenty of regular stores along the way, but finding the top Amsoil products out on the road is not that easy. So, we brought along the kind of things that a car might consume while out on the road. Little did we know that we'd be selling out of Automatic Transmission Fluid, Dominator Coolant Boost, Z-Rod zinc motor oil, Brake Fluid, and Dominator Octane Boost. We did bring home some product, but impressed with the special show pricing sales.

The two items we were well stocked on were both the gasoline additives; Performance Improver (P.I.) and Upper Cylinder Lubricant. With the many gas stops along the route, this was a must have for every vehicle. One of the Mustang clubs actually had some vaper lock issues with the heat. Ethanol vaporizes and stalls a car in a hurry. They had issues leaving the show, added a bottle of Upper Cylinder Lubricant and the issues went away. I'm not certain that this is a full fix, but it worked fo them. The next day, they came back and bought several cases to make sure they had it along. I added a bottle with each fill up for insurance on the way. With gas prices what they are, it's a small investment in reliability.

So, another Hot Rod Power Tour is in the books. Another happy Long Hauler with a lot of stories and lifetime memories.

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