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Telling your Hot Rod Power Tour story?

So being a long hauler on the Power Tour means making a lot of new friends along the way. Most of them are folks that have similar interests – friends you’ve never met before. In the old days, before email, internet, and social media we’d need to write letters or make long distance phone calls. Well, all that has changed drastically over the past few years.

When you’re travelling to 7 cities in 7 days, or ‘after plandemic’ 5 cities in 5 days, it makes it more difficult to remember everyone you talk to. So, introducing the click generation -- instead of filling out contest forms and spending a lot of time writing down names and addresses, we just click the link or scan the QR code. Being a little old school, there’s a transition to doing things this way, but it’s here – like it or not.

So, this year, I decided to try to group a few and make a list of the folks who document their Power Tour experiences. Starting with YouTube, I’ve compiled a short list. I’m sure that they don’t mind me sharing this with y’all. No specific order, so watch what you like (skip ads and all):

Left for Dead Garage:

And Hot Rod Shop:

Clunkers and Classics:

Lucky Garage Party:

Auto Auction Rebuilds:

Slow Shed Garage:

DD Speed Shop:

Build A Cobra:

Rust O Mod:

Freedom Workx:

Tachout Garage:

AJ’s Speed Shop:

3 G Video:

828 Adrenaline Flunkies:


Old Guys Garage:

Tuques N Tires:

Street Rat Garage:

Busted Radical Garage:

Issac It’ll be Fine:

Duhe Speed Shop:

Flying Sparks Garage:

Peak Performance:

Chris Kowalewski:

Tim Forget:

Monkey Wrench Works:

Bob Johnson:

Of course, there will be many more making posts along the way in our various FaceBook groups. If you have a channel or place to post, just email Dean at: and we'll update the blog post.

Hope this helps both Long Haulers or Bucket Listers from the Hot Rod Power Tour family. Feel free to visit & LIKE our “Direct Performance” Facebook page and share your feedback and memories. Let’s make it a safe and fun Power Tour in 2023.

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