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HRPT Long Haulers special offer

I realize that everyone reading this won't be joining us as a Long Hauler for the upcoming Hot Rod Power Tour. And many of you who are, might already be heading to Memphis.

Since we are (planning to) drive our 1948 Sedan Delivery in the event, we won't be able to bring much product along. Also, we know that most of those on the trip won't have room. Believe me, we've seen how packed many of those cars are. Loaded down with stuff for racing and tools, etc. Some people even bring a change of clothes in case their T-shirt gets messed up.

Our special offer starts in Nashville on Day TWO. Another Amsoil dealer is representing the product line in Memphis. We'll be there and hope to have our car in the booth, but our representation for Amsoil begins in Nashville, then Hoover, Pensacola, and Atlanta. So, our offer will start in Nashville. We'd enjoy having you stop by the Amsoil display to meet. An Amsoil representative will be there for folks who work with Amsoil under other channels, but Direct Performance will be the representing dealer network for all existing and folks new to Amsoil. So, here's the special...

1) The FREE SHIPPING offer is for everyone and good through July 1, 2022.

2) If you are a Long Hauler or just attending Nashville, Hoover, Pensacola, or Atlanta; stop in the Amsoil booth and mention Direct Performance and ask for the Doctor Shackleford gift and we'll give you a special gift (no purchase required).

3) If you are an existing Preferred Customer with Direct Performance or become a Preferred Customer with Direct Performance. Stop by and we'll pay one annual PC membership with Amsoil for you.

4) If you join our team as a Commercial, Retail, or Dealer account we have additional bonus offers available, exclusively with Direct Performance.

We hope to share the 2022 HRPT with you on this blog. If you are unable to join us, be sure to check out our posts as we join the biggest Hot Rod event in the world.

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