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Great trip down the Parkway

The Pigeon Forge Rod Run is always a crazy event in the beautiful Smoky Mountains. It happens in the Spring and Fall and the town is completely full of car enthusiasts from every surrounding state with interests for every car and truck. The actual car show is an organized 3 day event, now held at the LeConte Center in Pigeon Forge. But the action is throughout the whole town of Pigeon Forge that now draws over 200,000 visitors for the week.

Here's the trip we took with Rana...

This year, on Thursday, we took a little ride down the Parkway with Rana from Ranas Radar. Rana has become a great friend of the car shows everywhere. She interviews car owners and builders who are in attendance. Her interviews are always interesting because she has a passion for anything on wheels. If you watch this video she did with us going down the Parkway during Thursday at the Rod Run, you'll see why. Be sure to check out her clips on the show too. Her posts on YouTube do have commercials, but that's part of the game we all play with streaming video.

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