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A Learning Opportunity

Speed School by Gale Banks – a few hours well spent!

Banks Power is known far and wide as the premier designer and manufacturer of power-enhancing products for diesel- and gas-powered light trucks, motorhomes, and sport-utility vehicles. Since the 1960s, Gale Banks futuristic high-performance engines have broken new ground and set world records. His marine engines propelled racing boats to national and world championships. After decades of racing, Banks Power is still the only company to have set records at Bonneville in both automobile and truck classes.

We know that Banks is one of those highly respected names in performance, and Gale Banks is taking that up a notch. The Banks production of their “Speed School” is a new way to really take a deeper dive into the technology behind performance. For most of us, this is a great way to back up what we believe or prove that what we don’t believe isn’t true.

Here are four links to get you started when you can set aside some time to really learn something factual about performance. The first episode is a tour of the Amsoil facilities in Superior Wisconsin. The second episode is a 42 minute journey into the lab to better understand why so many different oil grades exist. Episode 3 is a look at the applied tests for both development and quality applications. This is 25 minutes and a great look at the API standard tests. Episode 4 of Speed School is a 17 minute session showing a brutal oil test. This is a great way to finish off this series. At Direct Performance, it’s important that the best information is out there. We’re not just about selling, we are all about performance.

So while our blog strives to stay brief, this one is an educational for those wanting to put the time in. There’s some very valuable information presented. We want to be informed with the truth with a straight-forward approach. School with no test? You are your own teacher through the wisdom of those who have already proven what is true.

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